World Book Day: The Importance of Reading

by Tim Dent

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I was sitting on the underground on the way home after a long day’s work; whilst reading my wonderful and free newspaper (no plugs here) I noticed World Book Day approaching fast. How many of us regularly read books; the statistics people say among adults it is around 16% - Really!! What are the other 84% doing?

So, what is the importance of reading in adulthood?

I tend to read the newspaper (as previously alluded to) and also articles online – but these are not books and don’t really count. I probably read around 4-5 books a year and they are autobiographies and NLP related titles. To be honest, during the writing of this blog I’m coming around to the idea of reading more fictional novels, so that comes down to my awareness on the subject. So it all makes sense, World Book Day is all about awareness – of course it is.

I don’t really see a busy lifestyle as an excuse, more of an obstacle. It all kind of falls down to how much you value reading; should we look at the values more closely.

Creativity – Reading fictional books allows the mind to wonder and think outside of the box

Judgement – Enabling you to understand who is bad and who is good through certain actions, this of course is more important to children.

Love of learning – A lot of fictional books these days are based on true events in history; what is better than reading and learning about historic events whilst being engrossed in a drama.

Grammar – These days, too many people make grammatical errors (I’m really hoping I haven’t in this blog because that would be awkward), reading helps to write and speak better; I’ve learnt so many interesting words from reading… e.g. idiosyncrasies (great word).

I think after reading this masterpiece, we can all agree that reading is important and is not something we should forget about in our busy and crazy lives. Go to your local bookstore (still no plugs here) and pick up the first book you see, who knows it could be made into a feature film in 3 years’ time.

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