What is YOUR value?

by Lanre Akanni

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No matter what your role is (Producer, Business Development Manager, AV Project Manager, Senior Technician) do you take the time to appreciate yourself? And more importantly, do you illustrate this when you are ready for your next move?

Whether the timing is right for a move, it's good to take stock of where you are and what you have achieved to get a perspective of your professional value

Ask yourself -

  • Are you being paid the right market level for your role and experience? 
  • Do you have too much responsibility for your position relative to your salary?
  • Are you ready for a higher salary and the responsibility that comes with it?

Knowing your worth and what you can bring to the table for any potential new employer is a good starting point. Why? Simply because instinctively you’re the best person who knows the merits of your experience. Sometimes we can get too wrapped up in our work and we forget about the benefits we bring to our job so a level of self-awareness and marketing can be very handy. There is nothing wrong with a little self-promotion as long as it's not to a Kim Kardashian level. As the saying goes it's "know thy self" not "know thy selfie" – although each to their own!

So how do you show your value to a prospective employer, recruiter or even your current employer if you are looking for that promotion?

Here are three pointers that could help...


Actors have their film credits, pop stars have their music sales, what do you have?

If you are a production or project manager, what have been the scale of your events? How did the end client directly benefit from your work? What specific or unique challenges did you overcome?

If you’re in sales, what has been your revenue or net/gross profit for the last 3 years? How deep is your black book of contacts?

Ultimately your success in your role is about achieving tangible and beneficial outcomes. What are your credits, sales figures or equivalent measures of success?

Industry Comparisons

Your professional peer group can be a good source of comparison or a peer-to-peer salary comparison site such as Creative Salaries are both excellent starting points when it comes to getting a perspective on where you stand on a professional level.  A strong peer network can give an honest, clear and up-to-date reflection of where you are in the current market.


Everyone loves working with great people so be that person in all your interactions. Think about what makes a great character to you and make sure you display these attributes when you’re speaking to people. You never know who you are speaking with and where that chat can lead to. Your achievements will go some way to showcasing this, along with credible professional and peer-to-peer references. If you’re still unsure of how important character is, listen out for what people say about when someone famous retires, passes away or moves on from their current position. It tends to go along the lines off, "Not only was (name) a great (profession), more importantly, they were a great (man/woman /human being)”. Your character and profession are two sides of the same coin.

This is by no means a one size fits all approach but the principles can be adapted to suit each individual. If you want more insights on how to illustrate your value, feel free to contact me at

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