Why I Love Recruiting in the Digital Media Field

by Andrew Phillips

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We recently caught up with Digital Account Manager Andy about why he loves recruiting in the digital media field. Here’s what he had to say about recruiting, digital media, and the highs and lows of recruiting…

Having celebrated 2 years with Creative Personnel and 2 years in recruitment last month, I started to reflect on my time here and wanted to share my thoughts, as well as some of the highs and lows I have experienced.

Being a first-time blogger, I’m not expecting to reach too far out of my own network so I imagine most of you reading this will know me. For anyone who doesn´t know me, here´s a quick snippet: I grew up in Oxfordshire, studied in Canterbury and moved to London 2 years ago, to start at Creative Personnel. Outside of work I love sport, food and discovering new places.

The role of a recruiter can be dramatically different depending on the market the recruiter is working in and this can come down to several factors; here are 4 reasons I love working in the digital media space.


The digital media space is fresh, innovative and fast-paced which is reflected in the type of candidates that are successful in the industry. These qualities are important to the personality and culture of a company and that is why I really enjoy getting to know candidates on a professional and more personal level. It’s always exciting to find out what they are looking for, discussing their career goals and matching their set criteria to the most suitable role for them.


Working with a range of companies offers different challenges, but ultimately gives great insight into companies at different levels and the challenges they are facing. I love the diversity of roles available and being able to suggest different solutions to hiring managers; ranging from filling urgent roles with contractors to seeking a candidate that has a wider level of experience across other verticals. Matching the correct qualities and helping companies solve problems is very rewarding.

Sector Developments

Digital Media is progressing so fast and with more and more companies turning digital - the field is changing at a rapid rate. Agencies are developing new strategies and moving into different channels to stay ahead of the curve and I love being in the position to assist with this through new hires. Whether it’s Programmatic, AI or Virtual Reality, keeping up with the media space is something I enjoy and I find it fascinating speaking to Digital employees of all levels about what’s coming up next.


The satisfaction that comes from finding the right career move for someone and working with them throughout the interview stage is like no other. For the next however long, this will be the place they spend most of their time. Therefore, having a good work/life balance is important, but enjoying your work is even more valuable! I make it my aim to provide every detail that could affect the candidate’s experience and ask every question I can to make sure I am confident that, before they start in their new role, it is the right move.

Satisfaction from completing a client’s requirement is also a major factor in why I have loved my first year in recruitment. I know that filling a role eliminates a lot of problems for a company and this gives me the extra drive to find the right candidate within a given time. When I do fill the role, it makes it even more satisfying when everything is finalised.

Finally, seeing a candidate who I have placed on a team, go onto succeed and then use me to recruit a new team underneath them has been one of the most rewarding feelings to date.

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Andy Phillips| Account Manager (Digital) 
020 3216 2564 |
Find out more about Andy here. 


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