Working in the Indian Video Games Industry 

by Varun Panchal

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Today the video games industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, particularly in the Indian market. 

In the past few years, video games have been one of the prime sources of entertainment not only for young teenagers but also for the ones pursuing gaming as a profession. Just think about how many children and adults are regularly playing mobile games like Pokemon Go, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and the likes. Therefore, this popularity has caused tremendous growth both in terms of people playing games and the ones who want to pursue careers in the Games industry.

In India, the Games industry has really come of age. Recalling to the late 90s, when the first two gaming companies were established in India which started to develop and publish games, it seemed like this industry wouldn't take off in the near future. But surprisingly, now India has more than 200 gaming companies with most of them being startups. Not that India lacked the talent & skill but power issues, less smart phones, internet penetration, let alone WiFi availability kept the thought in vain. 

Primarily India was an outsourcing hub for foreign gaming companies providing game development services and solving related queries. But since 2010 India has shown rapid progress in the Games industry with tremendous opportunities opening up for Programmers, Developers, Creative Artists, and more. It all started with the increasing adoption of smartphones & activity of playing games online & offline involving the evolution of high-end graphics, quality, presentation and realism. In fact, India was ranked fifth globally by game downloads and going by the reports it is expected to surpass both Russia and Brazil in the coming years.

There are thousands of people fascinated by playing games, with many of them wanting to work in a Games industry. Most people think that making a game would also involve playing it more, but it's more than that. Using a finished product and developing a game from scratch are two different things. While both involve passion, when creating a game you need patience, communication skills, hard work, time manage and a lot of creativity. It depends on each individual whether it's fun and exciting, but you have to make the most of the challenging situations and growing your skill sets. 

When it comes to the skills needed to get involved in the Games industry, there are not several skill sets for each job as often they overlap between jobs. For example; a good programmer must have some knowledge about art, an artist may need to know basic coding, and although developers belong to a science background they have the tendency to leap forward towards creativity and new ideas. In short, skills vary in quality and quantity across the fields. 

Taking a step further into what Games industry has to offer, we take a look at the variety of roles on offer. 

  • Technical roles include positions such as Graphics Programmer, Engine Programmer, Game Designer, 3D Modeller, Animator, Level Designer, Sound Engineer
  • Non-Technical positions include Producers, Art Directors, Artists, Screenplay Writers, Directors, Heads of Respective Depts
  • Few miscellaneous roles involve Musicians, Testers, Motion Capture Artists 

As the Games industry today is growing at a fast pace, this has established the making of AAA games in the Indian market as well. Aside from AAA work, there are many other opportunities in mobile games, serious games/applied games, online gambling, advert games, educational games, and indie games. 

Today in the Global market of Games industry there are more people interested in the Games industry than the actual jobs available. This significantly calls for a huge competition for what hundreds of people would be fighting for just a single job. So if you wish to pursue a career in the Games industry, it requires a strong passion towards games, dedication to develop or construct a game and the devotion you put into your work to survive in the industry. After all, this could well fetch you success and lets you achieve your goals.

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