The Benefits of Outsourcing in India

by Varun Panchal

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In recent years India has seen growth across all sectors and this has significantly benefitted the Outsourcing industry. The tremendous expansion of the outsourcing business has taken the world by storm and it’s still advancing vastly in India. Outsourcing has now become a prominent area in India with a large workforce of young and talented employees deployed in every field of the gaming, creative, coding, and programming sectors. The countries involved in outsourcing tasks in India have seen improvement both in terms of quality and quantity. This is a positive sign that India’s economy is growing at a fast pace with the recent developments and advancements having made a positive impact.

Outsourcing is a widely discussed topic in India these days. People here are innovative and creative with what they do, being agile of mind and open to learning new ideas. As the world's second highest populated country; English speaking employees who are qualified and skilled are in abundance and are prime candidates to work for those countries procuring outsourcing solutions here. With various roles in programming, creative, and gaming, there are plenty of opportunities at the doorstep of thousands of candidates looking forward to taking up the task.

Within the core of Information Technology, roles in programming contribute a lot to the companies who have outsourced to India. There are currently many vacancies in roles associated with programming; including developers, coders, and programmers. It’s all about the game of languages, technical ones of course. In India, the most in demand technical languages are Java, .NET, C#, C++, PHP. The demand and scope for web design skills have also increased with many roles – such as front end/back end developers, UI/UX designers and analysts - emerging in recent years. It’s quite an easy hunt to find and recruit candidates for jobs involving these skills, and in turn, reap the benefits of having procured such talented people.

The amount of IT engineers graduating from college every year is growing in India. With a multitude of job opportunities for the programming roles, this should only increase in the near future. As the opportunities increase, the rate of employment increases and so does the demand of the companies outsourcing their business. This is a win-win situation for both parties, especially India as they seek a potential way to encourage more business opportunities and offer more manpower solutions to benefit its economy and strengthen the IT sector.

Along with the hardcore tech field, there is a creative area which attracts most of the young people. While it certainly involves some great skills and passion, it is the priceless opportunity to be a part of a wider process and development that is exciting. 

With growing opportunities in India, the creative sector has cut wide swathes. Startups are popping up like spring flowers and the creative field has much more to offer than just employment. Indians have always hoped for more and creativity allows people to test their minds and skills to infinity and beyond. Hence the creative markets in India have grown in such a short period, with an ample number of roles now on offer. Varying from Graphic Designers and Animators to Creative Artists, Game Designers, Multimedia Artists, and Art Directors; these roles not only play a part of the outsourcing process but they also carry with them the opportunity for young talent in India to improve their abilities and skills. Multinational creative companies, agencies and studios are pouring into India like never before because they see the potential that India can provide in the near future. This is a huge boost for the younger generation and allows them to participate in skilled creative programs, which in turn have the potential to boost their opportunities for career progression.

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