“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

by Tim Dent

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Anecdote time….. 

As I was standing on a huge rock in my wetsuit about to jump 5 metres, it suddenly dawned on me that this was amazing. I was pushing and testing myself. 

So I was actually in the middle of my first canyoning experience in a remote area of a Montenegrin national park. More importantly, I was surrounded by my friends, most of which were having the same experience. 

After reflecting on this moment, I realised that I would never have known how superbly exhilarating this was if I had never attempted it. I’m lucky in some regards that I get invited or told about most of these adventures. My participation is the key to this adventurous world; so there is definitely something to be said about the people you befriend or spend your time with…although that is another story and I would rather focus on the individual in this blog. 

"To keep your balance, you must keep moving," says the quote, but that is slightly ambiguous as moving can mean anything; I have decided to dissect this great word (moving).


I tend to go on about 6-8 trips per year, most of which are normally new places. Travelling allows you to visit different cultures, taste different food and talk to people with different mindsets and views. Maybe you want to try out a new sport like skiing or surfing; maybe you want to visit a setting you haven't seen before or maybe even go on a yoga retreat – travelling is your gateway to all of these. Travelling is your friend. Now go get on Skyscanner before you spend all of your wages on overpriced drinks.


This is an area I do tend to neglect as it does take a lot of effort, however, I have attempted a lot of things, even if I do tend to move on to something else. Learning definitely stimulates the brain and opens up the world, you will start seeing things differently. For example, when learning a different language, you may overhear a conversation and understand what they are saying, thus giving you even further insight into someone's life. You could also try learning martial arts, yoga, languages or even golf (be aware, golf is the most frustrating sport in the world).


Now, this can literally mean anything, however, I feel it is important to mention as sometimes we need to change the existing as well as the yearning for more. If you are in a relationship which isn’t working or even in a job where you are underpaid or undervalued; if you want to keep moving forward you have to deal with these things in a positive and efficient manner. I once had a conversation about how I work extra hard to enable myself the luxury of travelling, this is motivation for me. Whatever your motivation is in relation to keep moving, make sure you are as efficient as possible to keep all the cogs moving freely – super important.

To summarise, we are all different and want to do different things to excite and motivate ourselves. Look at your year and see where you can improve, once you have done that it's time to make a plan on how to execute, and then actually do it. 

My simple rule is…
1. Be aware 
2. Make a plan 
3. Execute plan 
4. Reflect. 

Happy holidays and all the best!

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Tim Dent | Account Manager (Digital) 
 020 3216 2563 |
Find out more about Tim here. 


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