“Things seldom have real value. The memories left behind, do.”

by Brett Kashket

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In less than a month, I will be travelling to Las Vegas to watch the super fight between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. I have been thinking is it really worth it? The money for the tickets and the amount that can be made from reselling them, to watch a fight that could be over in seconds.

Thinking about it led me to the above quote. “Things seldom have real value. The memories left behind, do.” Is the value of these memories worth the price of the ticket? How could you place a value on something as personal and fleeting as a memory? Looking at the fluctuation in tickets, it seems that everyone wants to be going to this event. But why?

This is a fight that should never be allowed to happen, one of the fighters is arguably one of the greatest pound for pound boxers ever, while the other is a man who while a great fighter, has never had a professional boxing match in his lifetime. I think a big part of the fight is that it is something which has not happened before and depending on the outcome it will probably never happen again.

A lot of the hype from the fight has come from promotion and the entertainment it has brought...which brings me back to memories. 

The memories I have I would not change for the world. Looking back and laughing at what’s happened and thinking back and feeling the warmth of such enjoyable times - they don’t have a 'value'. Your memories make you who you are and swapping them for something else, in a sense changes who you are. Your experiences change you, apart from a couple scars and some lessons learnt, all I have are the memories.

I believe the reason so many people want to go and experience this event is not just because of the build-up and the supply and demand. It’s because of the unknown. This is something that has not happened before and may never happen again, so people are interested. If Connor wins, then the world of boxing and MMA will change in ways that no one can predict.

This unpredictability and sense of the unknown is something which I am excited for. It is one of the reasons I come into work every day. Recruitment brings the unexpected to you every single day. You never know what is around the corner. Dealing with wonderful people through all walks of life brings the unknown every day, bringing excitement to what I do. This reminds me every day that you can’t tell who someone is from a piece of paper, that you have to speak to them and learn about their experiences in order to match them with the right client and job to turn dreams into reality. This sense of helping people reach their goals brings fulfilment in a way that few other jobs can, the unpredictability of connecting people brings immense joy when it is the right fit.

From looking at this and seeing the unexpected come to fulfilment on a daily basis, I am going to go to the fight and create memories that I will remember for a lifetime.

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