Corporate Live Events: How Do I Get My First Job?

by Lanre Akanni

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How do I get my first AV Technician job?

​It’s a common question when seeking your first permanent role in the technical production industry.

Coupled with this, there’s the experience conundrum; I don’t have experience but I can’t get experience because no one will give me experience.

Sometimes it can seem a bit daunting and frustrating of where to begin and what is required to get your foot in the door of a good technical production company. 

The good news is that there is a saying that 'success leaves clues' and with a tangible track record of placing AV Technicians into their first role, Creative Personnel can easily outline some key commonalities among these successful placements.

These 5 points are not exhaustive and they act as a snapshot of what is required for you to get that first permanent AV Technician job…


A good candidate will be naturally passionate about live events and the related production technology. They have an inquisitive or curious mind which gives them a thirst to learn more. There is also a clear idea that the role of an AV Technician is something they want to do.


Their education generally tends to be at a university or college level in a relevant subject related to audio, lighting or AV. For those who haven't had a formal education to this level, they have managed to gain a good level of relevant work experience either freelancing or volunteering at various types of events.


Relative to their experience; they know their stuff and want to know more. Their natural curiosity about Pro Audio/AV/Lighting leads to some common questions that are variations of " how does it work?", "when can I use it?" or "how can I fix it if doesn’t work?". They are also able to communicate their knowledge and experience verbally and in writing.

Work experience

In regard to length of actual work experience, this typical tends to be an accumulative total of 12 - 18 months built over a period of time. A common example is that a person’s experience could be split over a course of 3 - 4 years while at University and they may have done various ad hoc work during the summer break, while at University or prior to starting further education. In addition to this exposure, the working environment gives them the confidence to communicate with their peers, customers and managers.

Understanding the Industry

The kit may be the same, however, the environments are different. There are subtle differences between working at music gigs, corporate events and theatre. A level of comprehension of these differences will help you decide if working within a corporate event environment is right for you.

If you recognise yourself in any of the points above, our client PSAV may be able to provide you with the opportunity you are looking for. They have 9000 staff globally, clear career paths and tangible resources for development. You can find out more about PSAV here.

Alternatively, for more information feel free to contact me directly on

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