Games for Carers initiative thanks NHS workers with free video games


Kelly Ross nhs

The UK games industry has launched a new initiative offering free games to NHS front line workers fighting COVID-19.

Games for Carers will give away more than 85,000 video games and games subscriptions to NHS workers in the United Kingdom.

The original idea for the initiative came from games journalist Chris Scullion and has been supported and brought to life by marketing firm Keymailer, industry body Ukie, and many video game publishers and developers.

Large companies like EA, Xbox, Konami, Activision and Sega, as well as small independent studios, are taking part in Games for Carers.

To access the free video games and subscriptions, all NHS workers need to do is visit the Games for Carers website and enter their NHS email address.

This is not the first initiative of the games industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier in April, many of the UK's leading video games developers partnered with the DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) to share vital public health messages.

The government's "Stay home. Save lives." messages were featured across various video games, including popular games like Fifa and Fortnite, in an attempt to fight against the spread of Coronavirus.

Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie said: “The UK games industry has been proud to play its part in conveying these vital public health messages during this national emergency. Our community has united again to say thank you to the truly extraordinary people who make up the NHS frontline team."

“Games companies of all sizes and players everywhere recognise their exceptional dedication and hope this initiative goes some way to help them to understand how respected and valued they are".

Many games companies from around the world have also rallied in the fight against Coronavirus by raising and donating money to COVID-19 response funds. Read more about the industry's relief efforts here.