6 Must-Have Skills for a Career in Blockchain

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Blockchain technology is a structure that stores data and information, such as transactional records.  Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are underpinned by blockchain technology, but blockchains are not used solely for cryptocurrency. Outside of finance blockchain technology can be used in healthcare, voting, insurance, gambling, and an ever-growing list of other uses. 

A blockchain developer is someone who builds applications based on blockchain architecture and protocol and as this technology evolves, blockchain developers are becoming more valuable to companies investing in it. To find work as a blockchain developer you need to be able to stand out from the rest. This article explores 6 must-have skills you need to thrive in a blockchain developer career. 


A Thorough Understanding of Blockchain Infrastructure & Technology 

The first must-have skill is an obvious, but incredibly important skill to have and that is a thorough understanding of blockchain infrastructure and technology.  If you want to be noticed as a blockchain developer, then you should demonstrate knowledge of various types of blockchains and know all the key concepts and terminology. Understanding the various types of blockchains and why, for example, an application for Ethereum is different to an application for Cosmos can set you apart from others and the more you understand, the more universal your skillset becomes. 

Smart Contract Development 

Smart contracts are a valuable part of blockchain development and are used by businesses in just about every industry from gaming to real estate. If used correctly smart contracts can even be used to configure entire corporate structures. Mastering smart contract development will make you an attractive candidate for a lot of companies so it’s a skill you need to invest in. Security is a critical skill you need to master to get ahead in smart contract development work. The smart contracts you work on may be handling a large sum of money, the better you are developing secure smart contracts, the more valuable your skills will be. The best way to build up your smart contract skills is to start working on them in your spare time. Build some for fun, join Discord groups, find tutorials, and begin exploring and soon you will become a master smart contract developer. 

Experience with Algorithm & Data Structures 

Blockchain is a data structure based on cryptography. The two most popular blockchain database types are UTXOs, Bitcoin network, and account/balance, for Ethereum. A blockchain developer should have experience with at least one of these to get noticed. Algorithms are used to solve problems, perform tasks, and tell computers what to do. A blockchain developer must be able to write algorithms that can be used for the following purposes: 

  • Verify digital signatures 
  • Implement consensus protocols 
  • Confirm balances 
  • Write applications that use data stored on the blockchain 
  • Validate and process new transactions written to the blockchain 

Proficiency In At Least One Programming Language 

Proficiency in a high-level programming language is the most essential skill any blockchain developer needs to have. The more languages you can program in, the more valuable you become as a programmer. The best high-level program languages to have on your CV include C++, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, C#, and Golang. These are considered to be the most popular programming languages used by blockchain programmers in the industry. There are multiple benefits to knowing more than one programming language. The more languages you know the more tools you have to work with to get the job done. At the end of the day, it’s not just about knowing the languages, but being able to look at a problem and finding as many ways to solve it as possible. On top of that the more languages a developer has on their CV the bigger their salary potential becomes and by knowing more you are less likely to be left behind. A versatile developer is a valuable developer. 

Cryptography & Security Principles 

Blockchain technology is so secure because of its reliance on cryptography. This means that a good blockchain developer needs to have a strong understanding of cryptography and security principles. As blockchain technology evolves, companies will need developers with a deep understanding of cryptography and security principles to make sure their blockchain is as secure as possible. This is why this is such an important skill to emphasise in your CV. 

Experience in Distributed Systems 

Being a decentralised system, blockchain technology is not controlled by a single entity which means developers need to understand how peer-to-peer and distributed systems work.  


Blockchain technology is a rapidly evolving space. These skills are what will give you an upper hand in starting and furthering your career as a blockchain developer. These are also the skills you need to turn your developing hobby into a bright and successful career. Blockchain developers will only become more valuable as the technology grows into a more useful tool across more and more industries.  

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