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At Creative Personnel, we know the value of talent... and we know you do too.

This means we are always actively uncovering and pursuing leads that help find the perfect fit for our clients and candidates. So... what’s the bottom line for you?

How about earning a £250 reward for referring either a candidate or a vacancy to Creative Personnel?

Whether you know someone who may be job seeking, hiring, or just considering their options... we want to make it worth your while! If you refer a candidate who we successfully place or a vacancy we successfully fill, you can earn £250 as a thank you from us for the intro.

And unlike other agencies, with our referral program it doesn't matter if the candidate or job/hiring contact is on our database!

So long as we've not spoken to/actively worked on your referral in the last 6 calendar months, should we place/fill your referral within 8 weeks of receipt (and after the 12 week initial period is succesfully completed) you'll receive £250 in either M&S or House of Fraser vouchers.

Bonus: Refer a contract lead with multiple jobs, you'll receive £250 for each role filled within 8 weeks of the referral. 

With no limit on the number of referrals, our Referral Program is a great opportunity add to a little income for very little effort on your part. The expiry date for this scheme is May 31st 2019. 

AnchorRegister using the form below to qualify, and start making a little reward money!  

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