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How we work

Creative Personnel is more than just a recruitment agency... we’re a partner in your success and growth.

We help promote your business to attract the very best talent through our network of professionals. We don’t just throw out a hook and wait for a bite; Creative Personnel has access to one of the largest databases and networks of relevant talent within your industry sector.

We don’t try to be everything to everyone. Creative Personnel got to where we are today by focusing on our strengths and specialising in the sectors and trends where we excel. Our high interview to acceptance ratio and amazing referral rate are both indicators that we’re doing everything right.

The businesses we partner with benefit from personalised attention in the form of a dedicated account manager to handle the unique needs of your business and to get the word out.

When we’re spreading the word about the opportunities that your organization offers, we’re not just plugging a hole in your hiring department. Creative Personnel is on your PR team, from talking to our networks about how amazing the opportunities you offer are, to telling your brand’s story.

When working with Creative Personnel, you can expect the following commitments to service:

  • We establish a detailed recruitment strategy that is optimised for your needs for the full term of the assignment.

  • We meet/collaborate with you and/or your hiring managers to establish requirements and build job descriptions.

  • We discuss the most appropriate interview format.

  • We consider the best ways of engaging with, and hiring candidates.

  • We look at the best ways of selling to potential new hires and candidates.

  • We find the best, relevant candidates and sell your company to them.

  • We manage the interview process from start to finish.

  • We send out confirmations, offers and recruitment process documentation.

  • We brief, manage and liaise with the candidate.

  • We provide salary surveys and industry specific market research or data.

Ultimately, hiring is not what your business is focused on. It’s what we do, and partnering with Creative Personnel reduces the time it takes for you to hire talent, reduces associated costs, and frees up time (and talent) to focus on what you do best.

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