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Brett's Bio

Hello, I’m Brett and as I love computer games it makes me a good bet to speak to if you’re looking for a job in the games space. I specifically focus on Games and VR Art & Animation.

I’m a Londoner, and when I’m not at my desk you can probably imagine I’m playing my fair share of video games. I also like spending time with my friends and watching sports. Sometimes you might catch me doing all of those things at the same time. I’m a diehard Spurs fan and when it comes to food, I’m not picky at all so long as it’s tasty… I do have a particular fondness for Columbian chicken, duck burgers, or Walter & Monty grilled meat salad.

What some people may not know about me is a short anecdote about a quiet night out in Shoreditch that resulted in me ending up in Barcelona, and then having to explain to my manager the following morning why I was not in the office! Ask me sometime, it’s a good one.

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