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Project Manager (UAE based)

Product / Project Manager


Our client is looking for a strong Product / Project Manager with a priority on the Technology team. The technology team has strong integration with the Operations, Engineering, Ticketing, and Finance teams. To this end this role requires a candidate with sufficient experience in a technology-based organization, while also having experience working with all the other dependent departments. The role will report to the Director of Technology, with a dotted line to the Director of Operations and Director of Facilities Engineering.

Traditionally Product, Project and Program management are distinguished as follows:

Product Manager

Product Managers are responsible for sitting at the intersection of Design, Technology, and Business. The Product Management role includes responsibilities like planning, research,forecasting, and production.

Project Manager

Project Managers are responsible for execution. They are removed from the “What do we build?”question so they can focus on, “How do we deliver it?” They live in the world of budgets and schedules. In Agile development processes, the Project Manager is often called the Scrum Master. The Project Manager is responsible for breaking work down. They think about how to take a large-scale project and turn it into manageable tasks.

The Product Manager's responsibilities require a holistic understanding of operations, from all the above perspectives. The Project Manager's responsibilities are more focused on the delivery of *each* project. The client has a number of projects that connect to each other. To this end, it is important to have a holistic view of all systems to understand interdependencies, and consequences of changes in one system affecting another.

Simultaneously, each project, even though relatively small for the most part, requires a consistent project-management process to ensure that it is delivered and completed to the highest quality and within budget.

Our client is seeking a candidate who can switch between the Product Management and Project Management responsibilities as outlined above. The preferred candidate is expected to have a full and clear understanding of the overall project and related status at all times, to help guide all personnel on outstanding tasks. This role is responsible for the successful delivery of projects, in collaboration with the department directors. In this role the candidate is expected to have an understanding of all the deliverables to identify and alert leadership on potential gaps in planning, design, implementation or ongoing maintenance.

The role requires awareness and monitoring of all the different Directors’ calendars, overall project
deadlines, and any special event dates (for demo, VIP visits, etc). To this end the ideal candidate will thrive in a startup-like environment which requires the ability to learn quickly and pivot as needed, while still succeeding at delivery to the highest standards.

  • Manage project milestones for all assigned projects
  • Define tasks and deliverables in collaboration with each team member, and department leadership
  • Understand and manage deadlines and budgets (both funds and resources) in the project timeline
  • Define short term sprints that are consistent with overall milestones, and track risks in completion of the milestones
  • Follow up on deliverables with relevant stakeholders and responsible parties
  • Evaluate task completion rate (burn-down rate) and recalibrate deliverables / milestones accordingly
  • Provide regular status updates to the team, with clear risk assessment on deliverables, and completion rates (velocity)
  • Manage expectations to leadership team, based on burn rate and velocity
  • Define templates and consistent processes (in collaboration with the Director of Technology and other leadership) to ensure a smooth workflow across all projects
  • Write and maintain clear documentation for each project
  • Perform regular check-ins on projects with the relevant leadership team members
  • Work closely with Director of Technology as ongoing needs arise, and museum priorities change
  • 5+ years in an Agile environment, with active engagement in sprint planning, milestones definition, and project recalibration based on team velocity
  • 2+ years as Scrum Master or implementer of similar agile process
  • 2+ years using a widely deployed tool, such as TeamWork, Monday, Liquid Planner, MavenLink, or similar.
  • 2+ years of active experience in a technology + design environment; e.g. media/graphic design, experience design, film/video production, or similar
  • 3+ years with active project planning and scheduling
  • Familiarity with architecture and interior design projects
  • Proven track record of delivering complex projects
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Excellent time management skills, and be able to mentor others
  • Ability to mentor and guide staff through stressful implementation schedules – be empathetic, but strong about getting things done.
  • Strong Google Workspace Skills
  • Strong Project Management Tools skills, in any project management tool of candidate's choice. For example this could be MSProject, LibreProject, Monday.com, Trello, or any of the publicly available solutions


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