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At Creative Personnel we work happy... and we think you should too.

Career success means finding the ideal job that inspires passion within you. That means finding a job that plays to your strengths and is a fit for your unique skills. We help talented professionals advance their career, it’s what we do.

When a candidate is matched with job that shares their personal and professional values that’s a good fit. When that job also advances a candidate’s career in a big way, we call that a perfect fit.

A good fit isn’t good enough for our candidates. We’re all about finding the perfect fit for each and every one of the candidates we help. Every time.

The Creative Personnel approach takes your key skills, strengths, values, and interests into account when partnering with you through the job seeking process; anyone can find a job, but we’re looking for a perfect fit. When it comes the cutting edge of top creative industries, Creative Personnel’s finger is on the pulse.

Our unique and holistic look at our candidate’s skills and interests means that a partnership with Creative Personnel goes above and beyond the experience (and results) provide by other recruitment agencies. We’re on your team from the first step to the finish line and beyond. We work with you to develop a vision for your career and, ultimately, your success and goal achievement.

Our specialisation and connections in key markets means that when there’s an opening, we hear about it first. That means whether you are actively searching or are already employed we stay in touch to provide the highest level of value. Staying competitive in the job market means staying current.

We grow with you. Partnering with Creative Personnel means partnering with one of the most successful specialised recruiting agencies in the UK and Europe.

Don’t you think it’s time you supercharged your career? Register with us today. 

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