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When it comes to the rapidly growing sector of games and simulation, we take specialist services to a new level.

With one of the UK’s largest databases of games, 3D and VR/AR jobs, your dream job is within reach like never before. Our partners run the gambit from AAA game studios, publishers, games developers, simulation/visualization companies, augmented reality, VR and tech innovators, as well as fast-growing indie studios.

What that means to you is a wide variety of opportunities to advance your career and doing the work you love in an environment where you can make a difference.

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Type of games roles

We fill roles across the spectrum of games specialisms, including art & animation, design, programming and production. We cover roles such as:

  • Developers
  • Software engineers
  • Designers
  • Artists and animators
  • Producers
  • QA/testers/localisation
  • Technical and creative managers
  • Senior management/‘C’ level
  • Sales & marketing

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