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At Creative Personnel, we are committed to finding you the perfect fit. 

We want to find you the perfect opportunity that reflects your preferences, goals, strengths, and the success of your career... and whilst job seeking isn’t just about the salary, we also don’t forget about that either.

Our consultants understand that a perfect fit is one that places you with an organisation that shares your values, understands and acknowledges your talent, and provides the opportunity to make a real difference. A job that inspires passion and speaks to your creativity and talent isn’t always easy to come by when you’re having a go of it on your own, and that’s where Creative Personnel steps into the picture.

We firmly believe that if you find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life... and that's a perfect fit.

Working with Creative Personnel means approaching the job market in your sector with a team to back you up (that’s us). Our consultants take the time to learn about you; your strengths and competencies, your skills, what you love—and what you don’t love—are all taken into consideration when identifying what positions might qualify as a perfect fit.

We know our focus areas. We’ve been doing this for a long time (since 1999) and when it comes time to interview, we take the time to make sure you’re prepared. We have a high interview to acceptance ratio, and we know what clients are looking for.

But that’s still us helping you. When we say we’re on your team we mean it. We also negotiate the best package for your position on your behalf and we stay in touch after your hiring process is complete to make sure that the fit really is perfect. Job seeking is a critical part of career advancement but, once employed, career success is not a passive activity. We’ll continue to work with you to provide new opportunities to keep you at the cutting edge of your sector.

Ultimately our goal is twofold. We want to provide a perfect fit for each and every one of our candidates first and foremost, but we also want to build a lasting relationship. We can grow with you as your career develops, and help you achieve your goals every step of the way.

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