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VR Builder - 2 week contract

VR Builder - 2 week contract


Calling Digital Artists/ Virtual Reality Artists/ Game Designers. 

Brighton University Fine Art Critical Practice (FACP) students are looking for someone to build an interactive website that comprises a 3D simulation of a gallery space. There will be no artwork in that space but rather a set of URLs which will take the viewer to each artist’s individual websites. The students will also provide links to the simulation on their respective sites. Our ‘Void’ exhibition is a collective space where the FACP class of 2020 will host a simulation of their practice’s navigation through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The space hopes to encapsulate the loss of direction and comfortability in a moment of global reflection and uncertainty. The viewer will embark on a journey through darkness and inevitably end up in an intricate white cube gallery space filled with light which will hold the URLs to the artists’ work. The builder must have experience with virtual reality/game design software such as Unity and/or Blender. 

The deadline for the creation of this space is the 29th May 2020 – meaning this is a two-week long project. 

During this time, the builder is expected to follow a detailed brief written by the FACP cohort and to liaise with the below contacts frequently throughout the process via email and/or zoom. This project has a budget of £750 which will be paid by the University of Brighton, so we are expecting a commitment of 20-30 hours work per week. 

Exact pay and contracted hours is to be discussed between the builder and FACP staff Mary Anne Francis and Louise Gregory. 

If interested, please email the below contacts with a CV, as well as examples of previous work of this type (if possible). The successful candidate will receive the full brief written by the cohort.

 Points of contact: Lotte Plews 


Thea Armfield t.armfield1@uni.brighton.ac.uk 

Mary Anne Francis M.A.Francis@brighton.ac.uk 

Louise Gregory lg4@brighton.ac.uk