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10 Key Tips for Advancing Your AV Career

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10 Key Tips for Advancing Your AV Career

There are a lot of career paths you can take in the audio-visual industry. You may perform maintenance on equipment, assist with editing and audio engineering, adjusting, and optimizing audio equipment and set ups and much more. These 10 tips will help you advance your AV career whether you are an AV technician, AV engineer, web content analyst, AV product manager, AV architect or as an AV technology expert these are valuable tips you can use.


1. Showcasing the Right Skills

There are a few key skills that will take you need to take your AV career to the next level. Developing and showcasing these skills are the key to getting noticed and making a good impression on your CV and online profiles. These are the 8 things you need to showcase.

  • Technical knowledge of the tools and software you work with. Knowing the best ways to handle the right equipment, software and setups while showing your technical know-how shows proof that you can handle your work.

  • Be savvy with as much AV technology and software as possible. The more you are familiar with the longer your list of qualifications which means more job opportunities.

  • Show off your imagination and prove that you have a collaborative mind. This can make all the difference, especially for employers who value the creativity of those they hire. A good imagination helps your problem-solving skills too.

  • Effective communication and listening skills are very important in this line of work. Make sure you convey your ability to communicate and follow instructions when selling yourself. You also need to be able to listen to instructions when setting up, editing, and maintaining equipment.

  • Problem-solving skills and teamwork are vital. Being able to work with a team is important in a lot of AV work. Strong problem-solve skills will make you a valuable team player and far more useful in a crisis, tight deadline or when things go wrong.

2. Take Courses While Working

You can never have too much education or experience in any AV engineer job. To take your AV career to the next step it is imperative that you seize every opportunity you can to gain more experience and learn as much as possible. Taking online courses, and attending webinars, seminars, expos, and conventions are all opportunities for learning that you should actively be seeking out. Talk to your boss or manager about your options. The company may be willing to pay for additional educational courses, but even if they are or are not willing to pay, you must still aim to get as many certifications as possible.

3. Get Technical

Knowing how to get the most out of your equipment, your venue, your software and being well versed in the skills and technical aspects of your work is the most reliable way to get further in your career. AV can be considered both a science and an art. The more familiar you are with the technical side of your work, the more you can do and the better your work can become. Familiarising yourself with equipment manuals, watching how other people work with AV equipment, software and set ups, watching tutorials, taking courses, talking to other AV specialists, and learning from co-workers is the best way to get technical experience that you can use to better your work and expand your skillset.

4. Develop Your Critical Thinking Skills

As an AV technician or engineer, you will often need to think quickly and make changes with little preparation time. Developing and demonstrating your critical thinking skills is a useful way to overcome these issues. The best way to refine this skill is to evaluate your work and your process, ask questions all the time and do your research.

5. Develop Your Communication Skills

Working on your interpersonal skills is the key to building a big network and respectable reputation. You will also need to be able to speak in technical terms to your boss or co-workers, but you also have to translate those technical terms into easy-to-understand language for your customers. Practice your social, interview and communication skills to get ahead in this career.

6. Find a Networking Group & Make Connections

Networking is a critical part of getting your name out there, learning the latest trends and exchanging tips and advice. In many ways, a good network can shape your career, and this is especially true whilst building a name for yourself. Use social media to look for the right kind of connections, those with the reputation you want, those who are doing the type of jobs you’re most interested in, etc. People will be more willing to join and stay a part of your network if you present them with a win-win situation or a favour they think is worth paying back. Be sure to give back more than you take from connections to ensure long-lasting relationships. Stay in touch and reconnect often, don’t let useful contacts drift away, you never know who will help you down the line. It is also important to find a mentor. This can help grow your career, skills and reputation much faster.

7. Take Risks & Challenge Yourself

Complacency has no place in a meaningful career. Always challenge yourself and test your skills to be the best you can be. Go outside your comfort zone from time to time, take online courses and always be proud of the work you do to stand out and go far.

8. Find Your Passion

Find what makes you excited in your career and pursue it. Passion is a vital part of success and is one of the best motivators. At Creative Personnel we are strong believers in finding passion in your career. Find out more by reading our blog about it: https://www.creativepersonnel.co.uk/blog/2022/04/how-to-find-passion-in-your-career

9. Keep in Touch with the Latest Technology

The technology sector is the fastest growing industry ever. You always need to stay on top of the latest trends, breakthroughs and developments in the technology and AV sectors to gain a strong advantage in the industry. Newsletters, news sites and social media are the best ways to stay informed. Knowing what the latest technology can do can inform the way you do your job and ensures that you stay relevant in an ever-changing industry.

10. Enjoy the Changing Landscape

To add to the previous point, there is a lot to enjoy about an ever-evolving landscape of technology. Embrace the new and find new ways to reinvent what you know and how you work to stay on top of your game and establish yourself. Have fun with what’s new and don’t be afraid to change the way you do things.


While having the right skills and the best equipment is critical in the AV industry, there is a lot more that defines your work and your reputation. Follow these tips and guidelines and you will unlock your full potential in this unique career. At Creative Personnel we work hard to find the best AV jobs for you and give you the opportunities you deserve. Register with us for a dedicated consultant and a company that cares about your career and seeing you flourish.

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